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April 19, 2017
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April 30, 2017

How To Houzz

Build Your Brand on

Houzz is THE on-line source for consumers who are looking for inspiration for their remodeling projects. In just eight short years, Houzz has grown to where they have more than 40 million visitors a month, they feature projects of more than 1.5 million professionals, and display more than 11 million photos.

Houzz is a website and online community that showcases architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. This visual platform for home remodeling and design brings homeowners and home professionals together.

Having a presence on Houzz is a must for any kitchen designer or home remodeler. When a homeowner is searching for a LOCAL designer or remodeler for their project, in their eyes, if you’re not on Houzz, you don’t exist. These people are using Houzz to find inspiration, source products and research and hire professionals.

A Houzz account is free and the exposure and publicity you and your business will receive is priceless. Houzz gives you the tools, provides access to their research, and sends you information regarding how to increase your visibility.

What’s not to love?

If you’re not already on HOUZZ, what are you waiting for? Here are some tips to get you started.

1. Create a dynamite profile that includes your NAP (name, address, phone number) and a profile picture. (If you don’t want your face on your profile, use your logo. A “ghosted” image as your profile pic sends a negative message.)
Your profile is where homeowners can get information about you and your business. It’s here that you share how you work with clients and why your expertise and knowledge would be a good fit for someone looking for a local, talented designer with an established reputation.

2. Showcase your projects by uploading lots of quality images. The more the better! (Houzz does not limit the number of photos you can have.) Everything on Houzz is highly visual, so having lots of photos of your work is critical to getting noticed.

In addition to the photos, it’s important to complete the questionnaire Houzz provides with each project. The more information searchers have, the more they know about your work.

Include as much detail about each project as you can, including keywords. Your business will come up when users do a search. For example, they might search for “white kitchens” or “tile backsplash” so be sure to include all features of your jobs in the keywords.

3. Get Reviews. A Houzz survey revealed that when it comes to hiring a professional for their projects, the majority of homeowners rated “good reviews and recommendations” as “very important” (five on a five-point scale). Having reviews from both clients and colleagues is an easy and effective way to build your credibility and brand.

On your profile, click “Get Reviews” and Houzz will send your requests for a review to customers. This is the only way you can get reviews published on Houzz; Houzz must send their form and the reviewers must return it to Houzz. Although not ideal, because you’re not sending the request directly, the Houzz method makes reviews you get very reliable; there’s no room for faux reviews.

More positive news: Google indexes how many reviews and stars your projects receive on Houzz.

Here’s an example:


4. Use Houzz Ideabooks as a Communication Tool. Most homeowners have trouble articulating what they want for their home remodel project. Having your client create an Ideabook of things they see on Houzz that they like can help you zero in on their style preferences right from the start.

When you create private Ideabooks with your customers, you can share styles, colors, layouts, products and more. Your client can edit the Ideabook for instant feedback.

5. Get Involved in the Houzz Community. Houzz users are looking for advice about everything from backsplash materials to floor plans, cabinet styles and finishes, paint color to appliances and beyond, providing a great opportunity for designers to interact directly with interested consumers. Seeing how a professional responds in “Design Dilemmas” gives homeowners a sense of your work style and expertise.

6. Establish your Credibility, Advance your Reputation. Houzz offers professionals a forum to showcase their knowledge and expertise beyond their projects and profiles. You can write articles on topics of interest to Houzzers and submit them for publication. There’s a lot of promotional mileage to be had from getting articles published on Houzz.

Once your business is established on Houzz, you get to cash in on all the opportunities Houzz provides.

  • you can upload photos of your projects
  • you can interact with homeowners in the Houzz community
  • you can build your brand
  • you can establish your credibility
  • you can improve your local SEO results and ultimately, your SERP (Search Engine Results Placement)

Your Houzz profile creates the image you want to present to potential clients, and this profile, together with your photos and comments, helps you to reach new customers. It’s a definite win-win-win-win.