April 27, 2017
Before and After
May 5, 2017


As a kitchen designer, one of a your most effective marketing tools – one that is uniquely your own – is BEFORE and AFTER pictures of your completed jobs. Marketing is all about introducing your services to prospective customers, and storytelling is a great way to accomplish this. Enter the BEFORE and AFTER case study, an in-depth analysis of jobs you’ve completed that tells a story about a customer and your company.
​Think about it. When you go out for your initial consultation, you can easily get the “before” shots. No styling or staging required. Once you get back to your office, do you trust your memory to recall the room layout, the details, the architectural features the homeowner wants to replace, the ones they want to keep? Do you assume at that moment your eye will retain and process all it sees at that first meeting? Of course not. You take photos.

​Capture the good, the bad and the ugly in the BEFOREs; the money shots are the AFTERs.

​You’re probably saying to yourself: “I can’t do anything unless I get the job” or “I can’t do anything until after the job is finished.” That’s simply not true. Even if you don’t get the job, you can combine the BEFORE pictures with your design ideas to create great marketing content. 2020 TechnologiesProKitchen, and many other kitchen design programs have great photo realistic rendering capability.
​When your job is completed and looks fabulous, it’s too late to capture the all-important BEFORE pictures. You can’t use pictures taken during installation – they do not have the impact of the BEFOREs.
​Think of the design process story behind your BEFORE and AFTER as an educational tool. Your customers crave this information. A convincing story with content relevant to their problem helps them understand that their situation is not unique, that you’ve handled similar situations before, and they can feel relieved when they discover your former customers lived happily ever after
​Prospects want to understand how the design process works. Most people don’t have a knowledge library about how to design and remodel a kitchen. Most do it once or maybe twice in a lifetime. First-timers are especially nervous and require your skills to soothe their anxiety.
​Regardless of how much your customers think they know or how educated they have become in preparation for the project, they aren’t you, the professional kitchen designer. They have huge knowledge gaps, and those knowledge gaps can become an obstacle to you doing your job.

Tell, Don’t Sell

​No one likes to be sold to; you have to get creative to convey your knowledge in a way that’s not offensive or condescending or patronizing.  The story —  a BEFORE AND AFTERcase study — gives readers a “sneak-peek” into what they can expect if they choose to use your services.
​Using your BEFORE and AFTER pictures, tell the story of why certain design decisions were made. Include decisions that were made in consideration of existing conditions, such as structural, visual, more open design, and budget.  Here is your opportunity to explain how four or eight appliances impact the design, how the homeowner’s appliance preferences influence work flow.
​In addition to face-to-face story-telling, these case studies can “grow legs” and become a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. When you’ve accumulated several BEFORE AND AFTER case studies, you can develop a library of design scenarios and how you worked through the challenges to give your customer the best kitchen possible.

Get “Bang for Your Buck” with Before and Afters

​Check out the list below that represents how much “bang for your buck” a few BEFORE and AFTER photos and stories can contribute to the vital content of your marketing efforts.
  • Use them during the initial consultation in a prospect’s home or in your showroom or office to ease their nervous qualms
  • Use them to illustrate your abilities and experience when selling your services • Use them in newsletters, either printed or emailed
  • Use them to create a blog post – or two
  • Use them on Facebook and your other social media accounts
  • Use them in your website, on a page created specifically for your case studies
  • Use them to submit to our industry publications, KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGN NEWS and KITCHEN AND BATH BUSINESS. They are always looking for BEFORE and AFTER case studies.
  • Use them for Search Engine Optimization by inserting your keywords in the text
  • Use them in industry-specific LinkedIn groups to share your experience for others to learn from
  • Use them to create a slide presentation for Slideshare. SlideShare is SEO-friendly because Google indexes each presentation.
  • Use them on Houzz.. BEFORE and AFTER case studies has a separate file under their “Stories and Advice” tab.
  • ​ Use them in email marketing campaigns


Hopefully we’ve convinced you of the power BEFORE and AFTER photos and stories can have. Kitchen Design Partner has the resources and knowledge to convert your BEFORE and AFTERs into a powerful marketing tool that will promote your business, increase your SEO visibility, move you up in the local search engine results and, ultimately, get you more sales. All you have to do is take a few BEFORE and AFTER photos. Let the experts handle the rest