What’s a Referral Program and Why You Need One

What’s a Referral Program and Why You Need One
May 15, 2017
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May 21, 2017

What’s a Referral Program and Why You Need One

<<Part Three>>

By now your Referral Program is established and you’re working it. There’s one more extra super special advantage to having a solid network of Referral Partners in place that we haven’t mentioned yet, and that is joint marketing opportunities.

Joint Marketing

Cooperative marketing activities will generate more business together than your separate individual efforts. You and your Referral Partner are going after the same ideal clients, so join forces!

By planning and executing a joint marketing plan, you’ll both get better at generating new business. Two heads are definitely better than one.

Create a joint marketing calendar using a Google docs spreadsheet. For each marketing initiative, record your goals, the action steps involved, the due dates for these action steps, and who’s doing what.

Some tactics we think would work well in our industry:

  • Live events, like cooking demos, chili contests, celebrity chef, etc. in your showroom or in a kitchen you’ve remodeled
  • educational seminars
  • open houses at your business or at your Referral Partner’s (take turns)
  • videos on your Facebook page or on your YouTube channel

You can think or more activities together.

Getting Specific

  1. Create a partner page on your website: Have your Referral Partners do the same with links back to your site.
  2. Open House: You can be the host and introduce your clients to your Referral Partners as a trusted resource. And vice versa.
  3. Press Releases: Announce that you’ve formed a working alliance with your Referral Partners. Focus on the benefit of the partnership to your customers.
  4. Advertising: Share ad space and expenses. Together you can afford a much larger and more prominent ad than separately.
  5. Direct Mail: Post card marketing works especially well for joint marketing. You get one side, your Referral Partner gets the other.
  6. Email Marketing: Send to your mail list an offer of an exclusive deal on your Referral Partner’s products and services.
  7. Trade Shows: Whether you share a booth or get booths close to each other, you can steer customers to each other. Go together on a great give-away, then share the leads you generate. Today’s trade shows make it simple to capture attendees’ contact info. Share.
  8. Conferences. You can make and receive introductions if you go with a Referral Partner. Vouch for each other’s credibility.
  9. Newsletters. Give your Referral Partner a column in your newsletter. Introduce him or her as a guest author.
  10. Customer Events. Reward customers for their loyalty. Host Customer Appreciation events throughout the year that include your Referral Partners.
  11. Prospect Events. Jointly host a live event where you provide information where prospects can get a taste of what you and your Referral Partner offer. (“How to Get a Kitchen or Bath Remodel Started.” “What To Expect While Your House is Under Construction.”) Jointly host an event that benefits a local charity. You’ll get free local publicity to beef up your local SEO (citations, remember them?), you’ll get mentioned in promotions for the charity, etc. This isn’t just a win-win-win, it’s WIN-WIN-WIN.
  12. Blogging. Guest blogging with your Referral Partners is a great way to expose your readers to the full range of products and services they can access because of their connection with you. Benefits are two-fold: It adds valuable content to your website to pump up your SEO efforts, and it strengthens your connection with your Referral Partners.
  13. Social Media. Introduce your social media followers to your Referral Partners regularly. Cross share content with your Referral Partners – hash tags, likes, shares, reposts, etc. When you give a review or make a comment about another business’s products and services, it speaks well of them — and about you.
  14. Reputation Marketing. Create online reviews of your Referral Partners businesses. When customers tell you they had good results with one of your Referral Partners, coach them how to write a review.


A Referral Marketing Program can generate lots of new business, both for you and your Referral Partners. Another partner you need in your journey to success is Kitchen Design Partner. They have the experience and expertise to set up your Program and keep you on track.