13 Reasons Why Your Small Business Must Be on Facebook

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June 18, 2017
Working Your Facebook Page
July 27, 2017

13 Reasons Why Your Small Business Must Be on Facebook

How To Make It Happen and How To Get Results

Who can resist the lure of checking your Facebook newsfeed every five minutes to see what your friends are up to? You gotta love Facebook – the ultimate time waster.

You can harness that overwhelming urge every Facebook user experiences by having an active Facebook presence for your business. It takes very little time to set up and very little effort to update and maintain. Today’s consumers expect businesses to be active on a minimum of three social networking sites, and Facebook tops this list.

If you haven’t done it yet, why not?

We’ve come up with 13 reasons why your business should be on Facebook.

  1. Facebook is free. Starting a Facebook business page costs exactly $0. Until you start paying for ads and post boosts, etc., it’s all free.
  2. Facebook Increases Exposure to Potential Customers. 2.20 billion users. That’s “billions” with a “b.” Of course, not all of them are your target audience, but there’s lots of them who are. And Facebook can help you reach them.
  3. Facebook Helps You Promote Your Services. Once you have an active Facebook fanbase (i.e., people who “like” your page), you can market your services to them with photos, videos, promotional messages and status updates.
  4. Facebook Allows You to Reach A Wider Audience. Facebook lets you spread your message to friends of friends. When your target customers see your Facebook posts, their Facebook friends see them too, thus multiplying the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing efforts.
  5. Learn About Your Target Audience via Facebook. Your fans are on your page because they are aware of your company and want to learn more. While they are expecting to receive useful information, you can also benefit by collecting useful information from them and about them through their likes, comments, feedback and reviews.
  6. Facebook Can Drive Traffic To Your Website. If all you’re doing on Facebook is getting “likes”, you’re not really marketing. Start using link posts to drive traffic to your site as part of your Facebook content strategy.
  7. Build Customer Loyalty. When you provide educational and entertaining content, your followers will stay loyal. If your fans see you being active and responsive, they’re more likely to do business with you than a company with no Facebook presence or a poorly run Facebook page.
  8. Use Facebook To Personalize Your Business.  Connections and communication are important parts of social media, and your Facebook page lets you attach a face, a name, and a personality to your business. While your Facebook page may represent your company, it also lets you show the human side of your business through strategically placed personal information. Photos of your team working are great. Pictures of your cats are always good, too.
  9. Boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Facebook. Having a Facebook page filled with content relevant to your business, and using targeted keywords (“custom cabinetry”, “kitchen design”, etc.) in your Page’s “About” section can help you boost your SEO rankings. When people share your posts on Facebook, it means your content gets exposed to a much wider audience. More exposure means more people will be clicking on those links. And a higher click-through rate translates into increased traffic, an important SEO ranking factor.  The more ways people can find you the better!
  10. Facebook Puts Your Business In Front Of Your Customers Every Day. One of the biggest benefits of having a Facebook page for your business is the ability to have status updates, shared links and videos and other information appear in your fans’ news feeds once they “like” your page. If you post every day, they will see you every day.
  11. Facebook Keeps Your Business Top-Of-Mind With Your Customers. By posting pictures and status updates, you can let existing and potential customers know what your business is doing, keeping you top-of-mind. Theoretically, when they make their next purchasing decision, they will think of you and not your competitor.
  12. Facebook Makes It Easy For Potential Customers To Find You. When your target customers see your Facebook posts, their Facebook friends see them too, multiplying the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing efforts.
  13. Facebook Offers a Great Space to Get Reviewed. Many consumers say Facebook is their biggest influencer of purchasing decisions. Consumers are increasingly taking to Facebook to get opinions, feedback, reviews and advice for product and service recommendations. Your business needs to be there, be active, be social, be responsive.

A Facebook page for your business can be a powerful and effective way to expand your reach and increase awareness of your services online.

Facebook provides you with the means to maintain a good relationship with others interested in your design or remodeling services.

Even the smallest business can take advantage of Facebook to promote their services to a highly targeted audience, drive traffic to your website, stay top-of-mind with current customers and prospects, and ultimately, get leads and close sales.