August 15, 2017
September 28, 2017



​200 million users. That’s how many Pinterest users exist as of September 2017. 200 million. Think there’s anyone in that group who would want a new kitchen or bath? You bet there is.
Another statistic: 70% of those pinners are female. And the last time we checked, women are the drivers for remodeling projects. 
​One more: 75% of Pinterest users have purchased something they saw on Pinterest. Pinners are actively looking for product sources.

What Exactly Is Pinterest?

​Pinterest has been defined as a visual search engine. People go to Pinterest to look things up, to find inspiration.  
It’s also a social site where people go to share ideas with like-minded individuals.

Why Use Pinterest?

1. Pinterest posts are “evergreen,” meaning they stay current for a long time after they’re pinned.  It’s possible for your content to appear in the Pinterest feed months after it was first posted. This is a huge benefit. Your content doesn’t die out in the first few hours, but can still be sending traffic to you months after it was published. Compare that to Twitter or Facebook.


2. It’s easy to go “viral” on Pinterest without really trying. Someone pins your latest post to his or her Pinterest board. Then ten people re-pin that content. And then another ten re-pin that same post. All of a sudden, your content is getting exponential exposure. The beauty of this is that the sharing and re-pinning can continue indefinitely. 

3. As one expert said: “You need to have a very visual brand if you’re going to be using Pinterest.” Sounds like a perfect match for our kitchen design and remodeling businesses. If you have a story to tell and want to reach a whole new audience, then Pinterest is for you.
​4. Pinterest will introduce your business to an entirely new audience.


Pinterest Basics


Pinterest is divided up into pins and boards..

A Pinterest board is a group of categorized content, a collection of pins. Each one contains content with similarly related items, grouped by a theme or topic. When you hear someone say they “pinned”, they placed a post on a Pinterest board.
It’s possible to create a “secret” board that no one else can see but you and whoever you invite to see it. This is a way to share ideas with a client who is making her selections. (We like better for collaborating.) Secret boards probably don’t have much to offer to a business account.

A Pinterest pin is an image that you add (“pin”) to a board. A pin is just a post on Pinterest. It can be a plain image, or that image could be linked to something relevant, as most of your images should be.


A re-pin occurs when you pin someone else’s content. Or they pin yours. Essentially you are sharing it with all of your followers. It’s the same kind of thing as a Facebook “Like” or a Twitter “re-tweet.” You can re-pin from someone else, or you can pin something directly from the web. 

Rich Pins are pins with additional information in them. They can be recipes, products, articles, apps, places, movies — even a map. More about Rich Pins in Part Two of this series.

Get Started

Pinterest experts recommend that you start with at least five (5) boards, each with at least five (5) pins.  This fills your space nicely. 
The boards themselves can have cover images. The cover image is at the top of the board, and it remains static. Or course you can change it at any time.


Naming your boards is next. Boards should be named based on your keywords. Since boards are searchable, don’t miss an opportunity to get found. 
Pinterest is much more searchable than Facebook or Twitter so keywords are vital to your Pinterest strategy. You want to have the keywords in your title and in your description.
Don’t just pin photos of your own jobs. Of course, start with your own project photos, but make sure you’re adding other interesting content as well. Your boards should be ones your followers will be interested in. 

Get More Re-Pins


As you browse through Pinterest, you’ll notice that most images are taller than they are wide. The aspect ratio needs to be 2 to 3.  Image size should be 735 x 1100. Since most kitchen shots are horizontal rather than vertical, you will need some creative cropping.

Pins with light, bright colors in the images and 200- to 300-character descriptions do well.

​For some unknown reason, images without faces get more re-pins.​

Infographics do really well on Pinterest. Stumped for topics you could use to create an infographic?

How about: “Things To Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen”? “Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Designer”? “Most Popular Kitchen Designs”? “Materials To Consider For Your New Kitchen Countertop”?

​You get the idea.  ​

Pinterest Strategy

• Have a minimum of 2 to 3 pins per week
• Pin new content and re-pin
• Comment on pins
• Make sure your website is easily pin-able
• Follow new people
• Get active, get involved.
• See and be seen 


Getting started with a business account on Pinterest isn’t rocket science; it’s fairly set it up yourself. 
But getting exposure for your small business requires persistence and follow up, regular pins and interaction with others. 
If this amount of commitment seems daunting, Kitchen Design Partner has the experience and expertise to keep your social media engine humming along. 

Kitchen Design Partner offers a Local Foundation Package that includes Social Media Strategy and Management. Contact us online at or call 888-766-8470 to learn more about how to increase your online reviews.