Sales Funnel Basics for Kitchen Designers and Remodelers
August 23, 2018

What We Do for Our Customers

Kitchen designers: your job has gotten harder, and many of you haven’t adapted how you market your business since the internet first became a “thing”. Competition is everywhere. There are almost no barriers to selling kitchen cabinets in today’s world.

Your competition extends way beyond the traditional kitchen dealers in your area.  Consumers can buy cabinets at many different places, like the following:

  • home center
  • tile store
  • online seller
  • hardware store (think Ace and TruValue type stores to small Mom and Pop)
  • kitchen dealer with showroom
  • kitchen designers without showroom
  • contractor working from his home/truck
  • design/build remodeler with a showroom
  • granite fabricator
  • building materials distributor/lumber yard
  • surplus building product distributors
  • the multi-chain retailer that buys better than you do your local market.

How are you going to stand out? MARKETING

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that referrals, as valuable they are, are the exclusive path to success.  Depending on referrals is a sure-fire way to marginalize your impact in your local market. 

 A Case Study of a Marketing Engagement

We have a kitchen designer client who pays us less than $1,000 per month for content development for his website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Facebook advertising. He additionally spends approximately $100 to Facebook for the cost of the ads we produce, and we manage his sales funnel.

 What Have We Accomplished with His Money?

  • Crafted strategy for his business, focusing on design as the key differentiator
  • Created lead magnets to be used on his website and for warm customers
  • Wrote all the web copy for his new website
  • Worked with website developer so that design was SEO-friendly from beginning
  • Within 6 months, over 170 new visitors/month based on organic keyword searches. With another 100 searches coming from a combination of Houzz, Facebook, direct name/business search (direct name search means someone was searching his business name specifically instead of kitchen cabinets any town, USA)
  • Page 1 ranking or number 1 for his area for keywords like custom cabinets, kitchen remodel, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, kitchen designer. This was accomplished in about 5 months.
  • Significant reduction in bounce rate, meaning people stayed on his site longer and interacted with several pages before leaving.
  • One to three new opt-ins per week from Facebook advertising (an opt-in requests a lead magnet that helps them get to know you better and gets them in your lead funnel.)
  • As of July of 2018, he has more jobs than he can quote.
  • If we find there are sales conversion issues, we will tackle as he works through quotes. And do our part to fix the things that we can control.

For the limited budget and goals we were working with, these results are nothing short of transformative.

To see results like these for your business, take the step of scheduling a 30-minute phone consultation with me to discuss your current marketing. After 30 minutes, you will walk away with a clear understanding of what you need to do and if Kitchen Design Partner is a good fit for your business.